Stump grinding is the most efficient method of removing stumps from your garden when compared to hand digging, using a digger or the other myriad of methods suggested on the internet. The service we offer is time effective and leaves minimal impact on the surrounding areas.

Generally, costs are based on the size and number of stumps to be removed. When requesting a quote from us, we will generally request dimensions of the diameter and height of the stump, alongside the width of access such as garden gates, which may be required to pass through in order to access the site. Alternatively, we are happy to come out and quote in person!

The process of stump grinding reduces the stump into wood chippings mixed with the soil that was originally surrounding the stump. This is then raked over the area in which the stump was. This naturally levels out over time or is perfectly suited to be spread in other areas of the garden.

Generally, we can remove stumps within millimetres of any structure without causing damage, however, if you have any queries we are happy to attend site to survey. All our staff are trained and insured, and will undertake an underground services check prior to commencing work.

Aside from stump removal, we also offer tree and hedge work, site clearance and operated wood chipper hire to dispose of tree waste from garden projects you may of ventured upon yourself!

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